Crimes Against Denim from Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday paint spatter jeans

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Imagine, if you will, that you’re wearing your very favourite pair of black skinny jeans. OK, they’re starting to look a little bit grey and worn, but that’s OK, because it just makes them look even better. Some people actually PAY to buy brand new jeans that look like they’ve been worn to death, but you’re no fashion victim, so you’ve worn yours in the old-fashioned way: by actually, you know, wearing them. Some people still do that, apparently.

But we digress. There you are, wearing your favourite jeans, when – horror of horrors! – you spill a can of white paint ALL OVER THEM. (Don’t ask us what you were doing painting in your favourite jeans: we didn’t think that far ahead). OH NO. Quick pop quiz for you: do you…

a) Scream in horror, rip them off and throw them in the wash, in a desperate bid to save them?

b) Shrug your shoulders and accept your fate: they were old anyway, and you probably shouldn’t have worn them to paint in, should you?

c) Think, “OMG, SO FASHIONABLE!” and then rush to take a photo to post on Instagram. Because #edgy.

If you answered C, you’re probably going to love these Cheap Monday jeans. You might also like this look:

bad denim  by Cheap Monday

Well, SOMEONE has to like this look, surely? Our favourite bit is the giant tear right at the pocket: now THAT’S classy.

We’re fairly sure neither jacket nor jeans would pass the eBay test, and we also think that if you were to take these into a homeless shelter, say, as a donation, they’d probably turn you away – and be a little offended that you’d try to palm off such useless¬†items on them. Only the privileged, after all, would actually see this kind of look as a fashion statement…

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