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Crimes Against Crochet: Jean Paul Gaultier’s ankle-length dress


We’d perhaps be able to understand this dress a little better if it was a beach cover-up, say.  That doesn’t mean we’d be able to forgive it, mind you – it’s not like it’s actually going to cover anything up, after all, which kinda defeats the purpose – but we would at least have some small inkling of why it came to exist.

A £570 / $945 beach cover-up, though? We don’t think so. And when you consider that £570 is the SALE price, and it was originally retailing for £760/$1,260, it all becomes even more baffling.

Why does it exist? Who would buy it? We’re stumped, readers, so if you can step in with the answers to these questions, we’d be grateful.

If you just want to step in and buy it, meanwhile, it’s available from

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