Crime of Fashion: Diane Von Furstenberg’s Abel wrap dress


I think I might be unique amongst women in that I am not a fan of the wrap dress. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t hate wrap dresses, and I think they can look fantastic – just on other women. On me? Not so much, really. In fact, wrap dresses tend to make me look a little bit like a badly-wrapped parcel, which is why I have two of the beasts hanging in my wardrobe right now, with a combined wear time of less than 30 minutes. (Because 15 minutes is roughly how long it takes me to realise I look like crap and take myself off to get changed).

All of which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with this Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, which I would be calling a crime of fashion no matter what my feelings on the style, purely by virtue of the print. Oh, that print. It looks like something Bet Lynch would have worn down t’Rovers, and sadly for me, that’s all I can ever think of when I see animal print used on coats and dresses, especially when it’s all Clashy McClash elike this one. Sorry, DVF…

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