Crime of Fashion: Thong bikinis (yes, Britney Spears, we ARE talking to you…)


During that whole "everyone does surveys to find out the worst ever summer fashion crime" thing, I’m amazed that no one (And by "no one" I mean "me") thought to mention the crime that is the thong bikini. Thong bikinis are  never a good idea. Even if you have the best beach body in the world, thong bikinis still aren’t a good idea, because… well, because they show your ass. That’s just a little bit try-hard in my  book. A little bit tacky. A little bit "Britney desperately trying to make a comeback by showing off her ass in a thong." And if Britney does it? It’s almost guarenteed to be a crime of fashion.

Britney didn’t just show off her thong once this week, though. Hell, no. Oops, she does it again, after the jump…


This picture is also an apt reminder of the fact we dare not face: that most women, no matter how skinny and toned they are, have a little bit of cellulite. I do, you probably do, and Britney here certainly does. Which makes the ass-showing thing even more ill-advised, really…

Still, at least she looks happy.


  • September 21, 2009


    My opinion: thongs are not vulgar or something like that, thongs are something special, not to wear it in vulgar way, a great body could use it, is in the mind that the problem stay, and the fashion today that all clothes are low raise for women, is a really out fashion because it looks very genital and is not elegant, the same with the swimsuits design, old styles are far better than today styles, even when they were thongs or normal.
    Fashion police be aware of that “vulgar” style, the low raise.

    Thank you very much.

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  • October 14, 2012


    I don’t think thongs are vulgar, but quite sexy.

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