Crime of Fashion: Topshop’s orange silk playsuit


Thanks once again to Fashion Police Officer Rowan for reporting this particular crime of fashion via our Facebook group. Now, I had almost reconciled myself to the idea of playsuits – only the short-legged ones, though, and only on other people. Preferably those under the age of four. This, however, has changed my mind, and confirmed my opinion that there must be no leniency shown to playsuits. The evidence, m’lud, is right before you, in the (baggy) shape of this orange number from Topshop . Now, this doesn’t even have anyone in it, and it looks fat – and when your clothes look a little bit bottom heavy even when they’re empty, that’s when you know you have problems, folks.

(Actually, shocking confession coming up here: I once owned a playsuit. In my defense, I was very young – too young to know what I was doing, clearly – and the playsuit in question was a short one, not a boiler-suit version like this. I still looked like all kinds of crap in it, though. I know this because I saw myself in it in a home movie last weekend. We’re on holiday in the sun: I’m in a playsuit, my mum’s in a dress that looks suspiciously like the Kate Moss pansy print dress, and she also has on some oversized "Kate" sunnies on. We are so 2007 it hurts – even although the video was taken in 1996. Which just goes to show you, some fugly fashion never really goes away, no matter how hard we work to get rid of it, does it?)

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