Crime of Fashion: Monsoon’s ‘Jolie Pebble’ dress – not maternity wear, just ugly


How fickle is the world of fashion. Just last week we featured Monsoon in our Dress of the Day feature – today we’re arresting them for crimes against fashion. Ah well, easy come, easy go, and as Paris Hilton would no doubt confirm, if you do the crime, you have to be prepared to do the time.

Monsoon have certainly "done the crime" with this dress, which is shapeless, baggy and the kind of thing that even Nicole Ritchie would struggle not to look fat in. This isn’t actually a maternity dress – it just looks like one, although given the choice of maternity wear available these days, I doubt any self-respecting pregnant woman would want to be seen in something like this. It would come in handy when the kids are older and want a tent to play with in the garden, though.

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