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Crime of Fashion: Denim and mesh dress at TK Maxx


While I was out at TK Maxx today, ruthlessly fighting crimes of fashion (and, OK, buying shoes), I came across this dress, which was just blatantly hanging there, as if it wasn’t one of the fugliest things in the whole wide world.

It’s hard to give you an impression of just how ugly this dress was from this picture, but when I tell you that those beige side panels you can see are actually stretch mesh, and kind of see-through, perhaps you’ll get the idea. Add to that the raggedy, toilet-paper-esque hem, and the fact that this is, after all, a denim dress, and you  have  yourself one helluva  crime of fashion. It’s just a good job I was there to capture it…

(Captured any crimes of fashion yourself lately? Don’t forget to report them to The Fashion Police!)

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