Crime of Fashion: denim mini dress from Mango


Behold, the denim mini dress – one of the ultimate crimes of fashion. To be perfectly honest, no denim mini dress is a good denim mini dress – they just scream out "tacky!" and "trashy" and "other offensive words beginning with T that I can’t think of right now!" – but I think this one from Mango is particularly offensive. The strappy, halter neck, the likes of which should never been seen in the same sentence as the word "denim". The dropped, tie waist. The ruffle – oh dear lord, the ruffle!

Most of all, though, I think it’s the colour of denim used here which is the real crime. That’s not to say this dress would have been acceptable in a darker wash – it wouldn’t – but there’s just something about faded denim used on a mini dress that just says "I bought this at the local market and I’m going to wear it with bleached hair, dark roots and a gold ankle chain" to me. Actually,  you can buy this one from Mango, where you’ll pay £30 to look like a trailer trash teenager. Enjoy!

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