Now, if you wore it barefoot with a floppy, ratty …

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Now, if you wore it barefoot with a floppy, ratty old straw hat and wiped your muddy hands on it while in your organic garden … no undies, of course … you are in tune with mother earth …

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Prada’s ‘fake leg’ boots are now available at
I’ve always thought these were perfect only for those who WISH they had cankles. I have them so don’t need these.

Shorts + Dungarees = Crime of Fashion
I think the person wearing this would look like they were limping as they walked. This would also take a good deal of double sided tape to wear without excess boobage being exposed with each step.

Skirt, Sandals, Socks
When I lived in NYC in the early 1980s, we called that look “Israeli.” Sandals, socks, a challis skirt. Pair them with a conservative blouse, business blazer, and a briefcase and you would not have looked out of place doing research in any university library.

This coat is totally ‘armless
Simple fix? Call it a vest. A mule is not an oxford. Shorts are not trousers. A vest is not a coat.

Honey, I Shrunk the Fashion Models…
The grey one in particular is perfect for going to the basement washing machines when everything else is dirty. Dress the white one up with ballet flats and some jewelry and it might not look so much like a patient let off the ward for some sunshine.

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