Crime of Fashion? Spiked cutout leggings from Forever 21

A couple of days ago, this suggestion popped into our inbox:

spiked leggings with cutout knees

Well, your wish is our command, so…

cutout spike leggings from Forever 21

Leggings, £14.95, Forever 21

Um, yeah.

We honestly don’t know what’s strangest about these leggings: the fact that they have cut-outs at the knees (and ONLY at the knees), or the fact that those cut-outs are surrounded by spikes, making the knees in question look like they’re inside some kind of strange, Venus fly-trap… try to touch them and those spiked jaws will slam shut, probably cutting off your finger in the process. Or that’s what WE think when we look at them, anyway. We’ve had a LOT of caffeine already this morning, though. A LOT of caffeine.

We’re obviously very used to the sight of clothes with random cut-outs by now, but these leggings are strange because of how UN-random the cut-outs are. They’re very deliberately designed to emphasise the knees, which begs the question… WHY? Knees in general don’t tend to be the first things to spring to mind when people are deciding which feature is their best one (Or not in our experience), but these pants seem to be designed for people who just LOVE their knees and want to show them off… or possibly for people whose knees tend to get really hot, even when the rest of their body is cold? We have no idea. If you do, please enlighten us.

Having decided that the spiked knee-holes resemble an open mouth, full of sharp little teeth, however, we’re now really curious to see what these do when you try to walk in them. Will the “mouths” open and close with each step, we wonder? Because that would be… kind of funny, actually. Don’t you think?

What DO you think? Would you wear these, or do you think they belong in Fashion Police jail? Now’s your opportunity to cast your vote!

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