Errr, they remind me of those damn “gypsy” pants that …

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errr, they remind me of those damn “gypsy” pants that came with the esmerelda halloween costume.

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Style Trial | Valentino wool and silk dress
Omg. I love it. I want it so bad….. if only it wasn’t $3000.

Trend Trial: Barely There Sandals
Not a fan, as I’m not really into looking at other people’s (usually not-very-well-taken-care-of) feet/toes. Also when worn the little straps on these tend to dig in to all the weirdest places and cause a lot of pain. Also, what’s the point of buying shoes if they are barely there? I would like all of these if they had actual enclosed toes.

Crimes of Fashion: Random Roundup
I’m pretty sure they’re all guilty. The only one I’m undecided about is the sheer dress, because at least with that you can wear something underneath it and it would look pretty decent… as for the bunny ear headband……. why?!?

Is this one of the worst wedding dresses ever?
I….. really like the “modest” wedding dress. From an artistic standpoint. But isn’t that what most runway fashion is about – art over pragmatism? Even so, I still hate the last one.

However the “sensuous brides”…. I’m not so sure. They kind of look like more sexed-up middle schoolers from the early 2000s.

Style Trial: Elizabeth Moss in short-shorts
woof – attempted androgyny, just ended up looking like a centaur with shaved legs.

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