Crime of Fashion?: Muubaa Two in One Denim Effect Leather Biker Jacket

If we hadn’t already put out an arrest warrant on this jacket for crimes against fashion, we think we would also be justified in demanding its arrest for impersonation.  Leather impersonating denim to be specific.  And leather that is impersonating denim (and stonewashed denim at that) is never going to be a good look, is it?

This jacket is described as two in one but as far as we can tell it doesn’t come apart in anyway the title must refer to the two colours of leather, rather than getting a body warmer and a jacket for your money.  And for £250 we would have preferred to get two garments in one really.

We actually like the biker styling of this jacket and we like that it is two colours – we just wish the second colour wasn’t stonewash denim blue.  And we wish it wasn’t trying so hard to look like something it’s not.

What do you think though?  Do you like this jacket?  If you do, you can buy its freedom at ASOS.


  • June 2, 2010


    It looks like you’re wearing an ill-fitting denim gillet over an ill-fitting leather shirt.

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  • June 4, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    I could agree about the styling (i.e. imagine if none of it was pretending to be a denim gilet) if it wasn’t for the tabby things on the shoulders. But there’s nothing redeeming about this jacket other than it’ll keep you warm…

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