Crime of Fashion? More Shoe/Bag hybrids by Azumi & David

We’ve shown you some of Azumi & David’s amazing (We may or may not be using that word sarcastically) shoe/handbag hybrids before, but that was a long time ago, so just to remind you, this is a clutch bag:

boot bag by Azumi & DavidNo, seriously, it’s a clutch bag. What, you didn’t seriously think they’d just grabbed an old boot, thrown some random belongings inside it, and called it a “bag”, did you? Oh no, wait. they kind of did. Moving on, there was also this work of genius:

Bag that looks like a shoeSee, it’s a bag… but it’s also a shoe! Only, not really, because if you tried to put these on your feet, you’d get some funny looks, wouldn’t you? Then again, if you carried it as a bag, you’d probably STILL get some funny looks: such is the tragedy of the shoe/bag. We’d say it was a bag for shoe lovers, but… shoe lovers probably wouldn’t actually love this, would they?

As interesting as all of this isn’t, however, we feel Azumi & David have really excelled themselves with the latest incarnation of their “Bag that is also a shoe”. Witness:

cleat tote bag with shoeYou have to ask yourself what the shoe did to deserve this, really, don’t you? Why has it been imprisoned in plastic, like Han Solo in carbonite? WHY?

We bet you’re just desperate to know what it looks like from the back, aren’t you? Let’s just pretend you all answered “yes” to that, OK?

As horrifying as this is, it does at least show that there are, in fact, TWO shoes trapped inside the bag. So at least you’re getting the pair, you know? Perhaps that’s what justifies the £200 price tag?

SUSPECT: shoe/handbag hybrids
SPOTTED: Azumi & David website
PRICE: £140 down from £200

What’s your verdict, jurors?

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