Monthly Margiela: The Hair Shirt

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that not a month goes by without us having to take the folks at Maison Martin Margiela to task for some hideous Crime of Fashion or other. Margiela himself doesn’t design for the brand any more, but his influence lives on, and we view him as a kind of Evil Overlord of the fashion world: kind of like the Joker, only with weirder outfits.

Anyway, so great is MMM’c occupancy of our cells that we decided to give the brand a monthly slot here. And what do they have in store for us this month, we hear you ask? Oh, just this:

White t-shirt with fur patchesOH GOD. It’s no use, we were trying to be blasé about it, but this? This makes us wish we hadn’t bothered getting out of bed this morning. Look:

White t-shirt with fur patchesIt’s like someone’s really crappy attempt at a homemade Halloween costume, isn’t it? And we have no idea what animal this model decided to try to dress as – we think we can see the remains of a couple of different ones attached to this – but it seriously does look home made, especially when you consider details like this:

Hair shirt(That might actually be HUMAN hair, for all we know. Seriously, nothing surprises us any more. Well, OK, this DID kind of surprise us, let’s be honest. But not MUCH surprises us, especially when it comes from the house of Margiela…)


ugly fur t-shirtWe feel like we could do better ourselves, and we can barely even sew on a button, so that’s saying something.

How much do you think something like this is worth, though, that’s the question? Or ONE of the questions, at least. Why a mere £365, that’s all! Click here to buy it…

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