Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Crime of Fashion? Boohoo military camouflage print dungarees with army badges

We know.  We know.  Camouflage.  Dungarees.  Complete with army badges.  Of course these are now being held in Fashion Police jail.  Well we couldn’t very well let them roam the streets, committing their fashion crimes now, could we?  Whilst we don’t object to a bit of camouflage print (or ‘camoflauge’ as Boohoo have misspelt it) on perhaps some cargo pants, we draw the line at camouflage dungarees.  In fact, we draw the line at pretty much any dungarees, as they tend to fall into the category of dressing like a toddler, and you know how we feel about that readers.

Mercifully, Boohoo have had the good sense to see that these are a crime of fashion and have priced them accordingly in the sale.  Bail is set at just £6 if you want to get them out of our jail, and you can do that here.

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