Hmmm, so do we have to wear this every day …

Comment on Crime of Fashion: Floral mesh pants set by Anna.

Hmmm, so do we have to wear this every day for those abs, or just once? Cause I’d maybe wear it just once. Maybe. But maybe not because it would ruin my reputation forever. Tough call.

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In Praise of Jeggings. No, really.
I actually used to have a pair like that about five years ago. I loved them, but I can’t find any like that now.

Acne make armoured jeans, world wonders why
To bad Ned Kelly didn’t have a pair of these…

Yves Saint Laurent’s Spiral Clutch: for those who love notebooks
Yeah, I kind of agree with you on this, I don’t like it. Maybe that’s cause I also have a problem with items pretending to be other items.
At any rate, I’m not loving the price.

Shoe Porn: Christian Louboutin’s red Feticha pumps
LOVE them. The shape is amazing and red is my favourite colour. I totally want some!

Dress of the Day: Tweed body con dress from River Island
I’m not sure what I think of it. I kind of like it, but I wouldn’t wear it. I like the shape and the neckline, but not the face that it’s two-tone.

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