Crime of Fashion: Coach’s Ergo Patchwork hobo


How fickle are the ways of The Fashion Police. Just a few short days ago we were all about Coach, cooing over their lovely Legacy satchel, and promising ourselves that we’d never neglect them again in our ongoing hunt for beautiful bags. The we saw this. It’s Coach’s Ergo Patchwork Hobo and it’s clearly channeling the Louis Vuitton Tribute bag that was such a big, ahem, hit earlier this year. That’s never a good idea, is it? Denim mixed with dots, mixed with print, mixed with a different kind of print – oh my!  It didn’t work for Louis Vuitton, and it’s not going to work for you either, Coach. And let me just end with a general note to all the handbag designers out there: give it up with the patchwork thing, will you? Pretty please?

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