Crime of Fashion: Tao’s bloomer parachute jumpsuit


"Bloomers", "parachute" and "jumpsuit" are three words that just shouldn’t appear together in the description of an item of clothing. In fact, there’s an argument that "bloomers" and "jumpsuit" probably shouldn’t appear alone, either (I’ll let "parachute" off because I’m quite partial to the old parachute sleeves), which makes it all the more remarkable that Tao have somehow managed to combine all three in this little £300 jumpsuit – and they’ve added a couple of zips for good measure.

Now, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and admit that this could look better on that it does off. No one’s ever going to convince me to wear puffy bloomers that tie just under the butt-cheeks, though. That would be a fashion crime too far…

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  • October 24, 2007


    But I always jump out of airplanes while riding a motorcyle. This is the perfect undergarment for the occasion.

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