Crime of Fashion: Just when we thought Crocs were as bad as it got, here come the Cloggens…


You know what I hate most about Crocs? No, it’s not the fugly, primary coloured rubber (rubber shoes in the height of summer – eeeugh!), and it’s not even the way people will wear them with suits and other formal attire, as if there’s nothing in the world wrong with that. No, the thing I hate most about Crocs is the sheer number of lookylikies they’ve managed to spawn. Barely a day goes by without some horrendous, Croc-inspired offering showing up on my computer screen, and that’s never a nice thing to wake up to, now is it?

Speaking of "not very nice" things, these Cloggens are the latest Crime of Croc Fashion to come to The Fashion Police’s attention. Combining denim and rubber, I do believe these could even have managed to surpass the original in terms of sheer ugliness. Colour me amazed.

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