Crime of Fashion: Shants – sheer pants


OK, I’m calling out the sheer pants – the "shants", if you will. And yes, sure, I know Marc Jacobs was all about sheer pants in his S/S 08 collection, and you may even think that these "shants", seen on the Marc Jacobs runway, aren’t actually all that bad – as shants go, of course. But you would be wrong to think that, and here’s why…

We’ve spoken out about "shants" before. We spoke about them when Liza Minelli wore them back in July and we spoke about them when Antik Batik tried to flog them over at Yoox. There is one reason, though, why this Shant Attack must be stopped, folks. It’s this:


Shants for men. Give a fashion crime an inch, it takes a mile. Just say "no", folks. Say no to the Shants. You know it makes sense.