Crime of Fashion: even more high waisted jeans


They’re just not going away, are they? No matter how many times we call them out as the crimes of fashion they undoubtedly are, the "Mom jeans" just refuse to die. Lookit these Earnest Sewn numbers, for instance –  is it just me, or do these create a very strange shape indeed? Do people really want to look like their pelvis is the size of a small country? For real?! It seems that they do. Take, for instance, this comment we received recently on a post I wrote last September (yes! They’ve been around for almost a year now! Lord help us!) about Cheap Monday’s high waist jeans. "Ugly jeans are low-riders," writes FlaviaR. "They are GUARANTEED to make *anyone* look pregnant." No! 

Flavia says the high waisters are flattering, while hipster styles are "guaranteed" to make you look pregnant. I say she’s wrong. Well, I’ve been wearing low-riders for most of my adult life, and no one’s asked me when I’m due yet. What do you think?

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