Crime of Fashion: Derek Lam’s drop waist mini dress


I love Derek Lam, I really do, but it would take a much braver woman than me to even try to pull this one off. Mini-length aside, all this dress needs is a pair of flesh coloured, wrinkled stockings and some sensible white "pensioner" sandals and you’ll be queuing up for your blue rinse and pension before you know it. Why dress your age when you can dress your grandma’s age and call it "fashion"? Why indeed. And who knows, it may be one of those pieces that looks way better on than it does off, but for £1015 I don’t think I’ll risk finding out….

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  • June 27, 2007


    the sad thing is, people will probly buy this and think they look good just b/c it is derek lam. some people just dont seem to get that just b/c its expensive, doesnt make it any less ugly

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