Crime of Fashion: Waxy finish, wet look jeans


I spotted these Goldsign Misfit waxy finish jeans being discussed over at the Shiny Fashion Forums , and my first thought was…. No. Just… no. Personally I don’t think I could live with anything wet-look in my wardrobe. There’s just something so wrong about it. Clothes aren’t meant to look wet. And waxy? Yuck. I don’t want to wear waxy trousers – or waxy anything, for that matter. And I haven’t seen these in person, but God knows, they sound uncomfortable, and that’s good – or bad – enough for me. How do you wash them? What happens when the wax gets wet? Would they really make my thighs look as huge as I think they would? If you’ve tried them, or if you would try them, do let me know…

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