Crime of Fashion: Waxy finish, wet look jeans


I spotted these Goldsign Misfit waxy finish jeans being discussed over at the Shiny Fashion Forums , and my first thought was…. No. Just… no. Personally I don’t think I could live with anything wet-look in my wardrobe. There’s just something so wrong about it. Clothes aren’t meant to look wet. And waxy? Yuck. I don’t want to wear waxy trousers – or waxy anything, for that matter. And I haven’t seen these in person, but God knows, they sound uncomfortable, and that’s good – or bad – enough for me. How do you wash them? What happens when the wax gets wet? Would they really make my thighs look as huge as I think they would? If you’ve tried them, or if you would try them, do let me know…


  • August 3, 2007


    OH LORD!
    If these become trendy I will lose all faith in fashion.

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  • September 27, 2007


    I have actually bought a pair of these- for fun! They were 25 $ so what was the harm? The jeans were!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!! uncomfortable, you cant walk in them and the are hideous!! oh btw after you wash them the water just slides right off leaveing only the inside wet…but only slightly…these are truly horrible!!!!!

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