Crime of Fashion : Stirrup tights


Oh, those 80s fashions really are coming back to haunt us, aren’t they? Leggings, puffball skirts, batwing tops and now, the latest atrocity – stirrup tights. Yes, stirrup tights. Now, when I was a child in the 80s people didn’t wear stirrup tights, but they did wear stirrup pants, and I’m not sure what’s worse. Stirrup pants were one of the most useless inventions ever, because as well as looking bad, with an unattractive strip of elastic under the foot, that strip of elastic would pull at the pants, leaving you to keep yanking them up at the waist all the time. Sometimes the elastic would even snap, then you’d get to walk around all day with it flopping out of your shoe. Nice.

So, I’m not quite sure what the deal is with these shiny stirrup tights from American Apparel, but I reckon that unless you’re a dancer, you should probably leave them back in the 80s, where they belong. Who’s with me?

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