Crime of Fashion: Leggings with skirt by Martin Margiela


Our poll on leggings showed that most of you are happy enough to wear them –  but only in certain circumstances. Do those circumstances include times when the leggings in question have a skirt attached to them, though, I wonder? I”m really hoping you’ll say "no": while I will wear leggings with boots and a dress, the dress has to be a long one, with the leggings functioning more or less like tights, before I’d even consider it. These Martin Margiela leggings, though, are clearly designed to be worn on their own, with nothing to cover up your thights and butt other than that tiny little scrap of a skirt. Gulp.

It’ll take a brave lady to wear these – and perhaps a foolish one, too, to want to part with £205 for a pair. Ouch! I think they look like tights that are too small, creating that oh-so-unpleasant "falling down crotch" look – what do you think?

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