Crime of Fashion? Suspender jeans

suspender jeans

It’s our first arrest of 2015, and we really hope this one hasn’t set the tone for the year, because we just don’t think our officers could cope with more than one pair of “suspender” jeans.

Actually, it’s hard enough to believe there’s a demand for this pair. They’re $450 for one thing (And that’s the sale price, by the way – they WERE $750), and also, well, LOOK AT THEM.

This fashion crime is particularly amusing to us, because one of our very first arrests (We can’t seem to locate it in the archive, and that’s probably a good thing, trust us…) involved a pair of jeans not unlike these in concept, but which were clearly a bad DIY job. Back then, such an item was strictly a novelty item, and everyone was in agreement that it was a true Crime of Fashion. Now, however, it’s 2015, and look how far we’ve come! Now major designer brands like Moschino (For yes, these are indeed the work of Jeremy Scott. We bet no one’s even remotely surprised by that, huh?) are making them – and are apparently selling them, too, for Opening Ceremony inform us that this particular pair is low in stock. Better act fast if you want a pair, people! Then you better RUN fast, from The Fashion Police…

It’s unclear whether or not the suspender section can be detached from the shorts. If it does, we guess you’d at least have two items for the (extortionate) price of one: a pair of denim hotpants and…er, a pair of denim chaps. It’s true that we don’t know many people over the age of 21 who’d actually want to wear either of those two items, let alone both of then put together (Actually, we don’t think we know any people UNDER the age of 21 who’d wear them either, to be fair…), but there must be someone out there who’d wear them, or why would they exist?

Why indeed.

[buy them here for $450]

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