Crime of Fashion? Moschino’s Trench Coat/négligée hybrid

nightdress/ trenchcoat hybrid

[Buy it here for $2,995]

It took us a few seconds to work out exactly what we were looking at here, but then it hit us: you know all those times – those many, many times – when you want to wear a classic trenchcoat, but you ALSO want to wear a silky négligée ? Well, this item is the answer to your prayers: isn’t fashion marvelous?

Now, we have to admit, there have been times in our lives – and quite possibly in yours, too – when we’ve been tempted to throw a coat on over our nightclothes and run out on a quick errand. We’re not saying we’ve given into that impulse – yet  –  you understand: simply that we can understand how that could happen, and we do not judge. The act of wearing your nightclothes OVER your trench, on the other hand? We’ve been thinking about this all day (Well, OK, for as long as it’s taken to write this arrest report), and nope, we really can’t imagine a single scenario in which that would suddenly seem like a good idea.

Let’s just imagine for a second, however, that such a scenario existed. Yes, we know it’s a stretch, but just go with us on this one. Imagine you DID want to wear a nightdress over a trenchcoat, in exactly the manner shown above. Would you:

a) Give Moschino $3,000 to create the item for you


b) Pin an existing nightie to an existing trench coat, and create exactly the same effect

We know what we’d do in that scenario, and we’ll give you a clue: it’s not ‘A’.

Just to end this on a semi-positive note, however: this suspect isn’t guilty of QUITE as many crimes of fashion as you might think from the evidence above, because if you were thinking the droopy black hem was part of the coat (and we did too, at first), relax: it’s actually this:

sleeveless cape dress

[Sleeveless cape dress: $2,995]

The entire outfit, then, comes in at just under £6K. We’ll just leave you to mull that over, shall we?

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