Crime of Fashion? Lazy Oaf ‘Fur Face’ jacket

Lazy Oaf 'Fur Face' jacket

Lazy Oaf ‘Fur Face’ jacket, $244

In a bid to be fair to this suspect, let us just first of all point out that at least it’s “only” $244, so while it’s still expensive (Especially considering its appearance…), it’s not QUITE as mind-bendingly expensive as some of the fashion criminals we’ve been forced to arrest.

Er, that’s pretty much all we’ve got on the “positives”, to be honest. Because, let’s face it: this is a Muppet jacket. It even has the eyes. Two sets of them, in fact. Actually, if you try to forget that it’s supposed to be an item of clothing, it’s almost endearing: it’s the kind of thing you can imagine your much younger self absolutely LOVING, and spending hours brushing its hair and taking it to tea parties with all of the other soft toys.

It’s when you remember that it’s not actually a soft toy that it becomes problematic. Not only is this not a child’s toy, you see, it’s not even a child’s jacket. No, this is an item of clothing designed for grown ups, and the fact that it closely resembles a massacred Muppet is beside the point, presumably. As with the Moschino ‘Sponge Bob’ collection we put on trial earlier this week, this jacket is presumably supposed to be quirky and hilarious, and as with the Moschino items, we find ourselves wanting to point out that THERE ARE OTHER WAYS, PEOPLE. Seriously, you CAN inject a bit of personality into your outfits without having to give your clothing a face. You can have fun with fashion without having to wear every colour of the rainbow, rendered in shaggy, synthetic fur. (At least it IS synthetic fur, mind you: it would be just too much if some poor creature had to die for this…)

What do you think? Would you wear it, or do you agree that it’s a crime of fashion? And can you shed any light on this growing trend for clothing that looks like cartoon characters?

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