Crime of Fashion? Gareth Pugh raised neck dress



Gareth Pugh dress, $2670

We couldn’t decide whether this dress was more amusing from the front or from the back, so we’re submitting both photos into evidence and letting you decide for yourselves.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we like a high neck on a dress. Or a coat. Or a sweater. Or anything with a neck, basically.

The clue to making this work, however, lies in the word “neck”. You have to be able to see, not just the neck of the dress/coat/sweater/whatever, but the neck of the person wearing it. It has to be seen to exist. If the neck of the dress is so high that it makes the wearer look, well, NECKLESS, then Fashion Police, we have a problem. This model, for instance, looks a lot like someone emerging from a protective cocoon which she’s been living inside for many a long year. Like a tortoise, say. Or an alien. And, of course, with Gareth Pugh, that’s probably the whole point: this isn’t a designer who likes to make clothes that are in any way “ordinary”, after all. It’s ART, dahlinks. Which is all very well, of course, but it’s also CLOTHES – and in this case, $2670 worth of clothes, so you better be darn sure you’re going to get a lot of use out of it if you’re going to buy it. (Unless you’re the kind of rich that can afford to drop almost $3k on a dress and only wear it once, obviously.)

Is this the kind of dress you’d be willing to invest that amount of money in? Can you see yourself wearing it regularly – or at all – or do you think it’s a Crime of Fashion? Answers, as always, in the comments section, please…

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P.S. Spotted a crime of fashion? Don’t let it walk free: report it to The Fashion Police and we might just arrest it!

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