Crime of Fashion? Fendi fox mink and rabbit “monster” earmuffs


Fendi monster earmuffs


You know PETA have their work cut out for them when a pair of $1,500 earmuffs made from fox, mink and rabbit fur, and looking like THIS sells out at Net-a-Porter within a few hours, don’t you?

We know our remit is style, rather than ethics, and as leather-wearing carnivores, we hesitate to cast too many stones here, but with so many excellent faux-furs on the market these days, we do have to question why brands like Fendi persist in using animal fur to create items like this.

To bring the topic back to style, however, we ALSO have to question who, exactly, buys this kind of thing, and whether it’s the LOOK of the item, or the simple fact that it’s OMGDESIGNER that prompts people to think a pair of earmuffs is worth spending $1,500 on. If H&M, say, released this design, would it sell out in hours, or is it just that the Fendi brand name has the power to convince fashion victims that a pair of earmuffs can be just as much of a status symbol as a designer handbag, as long as they’re the right brand, and cost a lot?

That’s a genuine question, by the way: we wouldn’t wear something like this even if it WAS £5 at H&M, so we’re wondering if it’s just a question of taste, or whether designer brands really DO have the power to convince people to part with their cash (and, in some cases, their ethics) for a pair of fuzzy-wuzzy monster earmuffs.

Because that’s kind of creepy, if so.

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