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If you had £40 to spend on fashion…

Corsage_dress …what would you spend it on? Imagine that this £40 (which is about $80 for the benefit of our US readers) has just landed on your doorstep, a small gift from The Fashion Police. The only rule is that you have to spend it on clothes, shoes or accessories – what would you buy?

For myself, I’d buy Topshop’s jersey corsage dress, which would come in just under my £40 budget at £38. We featured it back in January in one of our ‘What to Wear’ features, but it sold out before I could get my hands on one. Now it’s back in stock, but I have nowhere to wear it, and have been bravely trying to convince myself that it would be a waste to buy it and then just hang it in the wardrobe, unworn. A £40 windfall, though, would let me buy it guilt-free, so it would be my choice, no question.

What would you buy with £40? Link to your chosen item in the comments field, and we’ll try and post all of your picks tomorrow!

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