Convertible Clothes: Max Azria’s caped pants/jumpsuit combo

These pants were bad enough on their own. Seriously, they come with a drop-crotch-come-cape. No pair of pants needs that.

THIS, though?

This is just a whole lot worse. And on our favourite Shopbop model, too. What did The Ginger One do to deserve this, we wonder? Why is she having to wear a pair of caped pants THAT ARE ALSO A TRASHY JUMPSUIT? Who, other than WAGS and Jersey Shore cast members, wants to go out in public with just a criss-crossed SCARF over their breasts? Not The Ginger One. She didn’t sign up for this. Why is her life so full of suffering, she wonders?

Don’t worry, Ginger One, there are ways to wear this item which aren’t quite as bad:

They’re still moderately bad, of course. The folds on the front of that thing just aren’t flattering in anyone. In fact, it looks¬†suspiciously¬†like the jumpsuit is trying to create a faux camel-toe, and that crime of fashion will get you 15-20, no bail. In comparison to the image above it, though, it suddenly becomes almost acceptable.

And this?

This doesn’t even look bad at all.

This is by Max Azria, and the only way to free The Ginger One from her very special hell, is to click here and buy it. Go on, do a model a good turn…

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