A contender for the Fashion Criminal of the Year Award

fashion criminal of the year

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First things first: there IS no Fashion Criminal of the Year Award. Because we don’t believe anyone should be allowed to profit from crime.

If there WAS an award for the fashion crime to end all fashion crimes, however, we reckon this jumpsuit would definitely be a contender. Where do we even start with this one? Let’s see…

01. It’s a Stuck-Together-Clothes Crime. On multiple counts. A shir, stuck a sweater, stuck to leggings, stuck to stirrups… Speaking of which:


03. Leggings are not pants: never, ever forget…

04. The Unacceptable Use of Animal Print. We’ll overlook animal print on shoes and other accessories – maybe even on the odd coat, if we’re feeling generous. We cannot however, overlook animal print leggings: it would be more than our job’s worth…


06. What on earth did Yves Saint Laurent do to deserve this kind of treatment?

07. An £850 price tag makes us suspect this is ALSO a case of Daylight Robbery.

So, there you have it, fashion force: we have this jumpsuit up on seven counts of fashion crime. We’re sure we could probably think of some more if we really wanted to, but we’ve spent more time thinking about this item of clothing now than anyone should really have to, so we’re going to leave it at that. If any of you would like to speak in this item’s defense, now’s your chance…

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