Umm, my lucky guess would be that they are designed …

Comment on Contact lens jewellery by Erick Klarenbeek. Ouch. by Line.

Umm, my lucky guess would be that they are designed for those following the EMO trend… maybe they can’t produce anymore tears but as they always have to appear to be sooo sad why not wear those contact lenses with the jewellery dangeling down? They actually do look a little bit like tears, don’t they?

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Seasonless Dressing: do you do it? (Alexa Chung and Kelly Osbourne do)
I’d say why not! Just don’t take it too far. A flower dress that just screams summer shouldnt be worn in the middle of winter, but why not wear it with leggins or opaque tights in the chilly summer evenings?

Hair Hats: hats made out of…hair
Ouuuh i have seen those before on a different Fashion Blog like a month ago, the photos are apparantly taken by “Kenneth Cappello and they have more than this horrendous dog and lion to offer…

Fashion Police Checkpoint!
black flats
black jogging pants (nike)
blue-white rugby shirt (Ralph Lauren
Pearl necklace and studs

Wear or Die: Ugly Sweaters
The snowman one, definetly… at least it’s not bright pink and you can clearly see that it’s a snowman… the other one is just pink and ugly and it takes some time until u realise that’s supposed to be nutcrackers…
Just a question… how much are they? How much does the Fashion industry think we’re willing to pay to look like a complete fool??

Fashion Police Checkpoint!
white knee length, wide swinging wkirt with black polka dots on and a turquoise-blueish polofhirt and pearl studs

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