Some variety show artists mast bought it. You know, that …

Comment on Confused clothing: crepe and leather dress by Maison Martin Margiela by Aleutie.

Some variety show artists mast bought it. You know, that old dancing act: she turns one way – it’s a lady, she turns another way – it’s a gent. Or in this case – a dominatrix.

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THOSE Topman shirts: offensive or not?
Still: nothing specifically misogynistic in the statements, it’s ironic and the irony pointed to men, not to women.

And really: is it a fair comparison: men can buy clothes in women’s store as much as women buy clothes in mens’? Unisex clothes is mostly (maybe all) comes from the men department; there is not much stuff from women store that fit a man 🙂 This tee is unisex: I didn’t know the store it came from, so I would never suspect it’s gender attachment.

THOSE Topman shirts: offensive or not?
Why oh why everybody decided that this red tee was intended for men only? I don’t see anything specifically male in that statements. I would buy one and wear the hell out it, I think it’s funny. I would also use a little check sticker that in my case would alternate between “you provoked me” and “I was having a bad day” – my husband will surely appreciate it he can take a joke :)))

New Fashion Trends 2011: The Single Sleeve
There is a “Donate blood” poster campaign here in Montreal, featuring people wearing tee-shirts with one short and one long sleeve 🙂

Five Crimes of Fashion: Ashish and the $2000 sequined skeleton suit and more
I absolutely LOVE dress number 5. So what if people want
to come up and read my bottom – let them read.

Style on Trial: Gigantic platform shoes
They are like classical music. I mean: it’s difficult to find one real person who actually love them, and still – they are around.

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