When two styles collide: ‘sexy’ meets sensible at Comme des Garçons


Prom season may be over, but the "belly window" dress lives on, tucked away in the Comme des Garçons section at Yoox.com.

From the back, an unassuming, even matronly, floral print dress, complete with slightly droopy hem. From the front, though, va va vroom! Suddenly we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto, and while "sexy" really isn’t the word we’d use to describe this dress, it does seem to have been designed for those who think flashing the flesh on their upper torso is a really sound sartorial choice.

Perhaps it was the "intriguing" juxtaposition of sensible and, well, trashy that inspired this dress. Perhaps not. All we can say is, we’d love to meet the kind of person who’d want to walk around in a droopy-hemmed house dress, but who’d also want a window in that dress through which they could show the world their belly. (Chloe Sevigny, is it you?)

If that person sounds like you, this is £271 at Yoox.com.

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