Coleen McLoughlin to host “search for a model” TV show

Coleenmcloughlinfashionp Coleen McLoughlin, leader of the WAGs and the world’s foremost authority on fashion, purely by virtue of, er, shopping a lot, is getting her own TV show. Called Coleen’s Real Women, the six-part series will follow Coleen as she turns "real" women (as opposed to, you know, fake women) into catwalk models. Because Coleen knows a lot about being a catwalk model clearly, seeing as how she’s a footballer’s girlfriend by trade.

Forgive the cynicism: I actually quite like Coleen. I think she’s refreshingly down to earth, and yes, she scrubs up good now that she’s dumped the "Juicy Couture tracksuits and Uggs" combos she always used to wear. So maybe she’ll make for a great host for this show. I’m just amazed at how people can get to be famous these days, just by dating a footballer. And maybe a teeny bit jealous, too?

Ah well, good luck to you, Coleen. If you can make money out of it then good for you, I say…

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