Coleen McLoughlin: The UK’s Most Influential Fashion Icon?


Move over Mossy! See ya later, Sienna! Apparently the UK is no longer taking its style inspiration from models and actresses, but from the wives and girlfriends of footballers – the WAGs, in other words. More specifically, we’re taking our inspiration from one Coleen McLoughlin, wife-to-be of Wayne Rooney, and a woman most famous for shopping (not that The Fashion Police can criticize her for that, obviously).

This is according to Look Magazine, who placed Coleen first in a survey carried out to discover the identity of the UK’s number one style icon. Usual suspects, Moss and Miller, came 2nd and 3rd respectively, with the rest of the list fleshed out with more WAGs – Victoria Beckham was 4th and Cheryl Cole 5th. 

Look magazine’s editor, Ali Hall, explained Coleen’s victory thus: "Women relate to her as she’s more shapely than your average Wag. She doesn’t mind splashing out on a designer ‘it’ item but mixes it with the great stuff available on the high street. She’s not afraid to try out the latest trends but will hold her hands up and admit she gets it wrong sometimes."

So, what do we think of Coleen McLoughlin, fashion fans? She’s certainly managed to clean up her act since the days of visible logos and Juicy Couture tracksuits, but do you think she’s really the UK’s top fashion icon?

The Fashion Police are prepared to admit to liking Coleen – not for her fashion sense, particularly (although we were loving her work in her Balenciaga trench coat recently – but because she generally manages to come across as being a nice person, and that can be quite rare, sometimes. Style-wise, well, her clothes are often obscured by the armfuls of shopping she seems to carry everywhere, but these days we don’t find much to object to, although we’d hesitate to call Coleen a "fashion icon"?

What do you think?


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