This coat is totally ‘armless

sleeveless coat

This coat isn’t a crime of fashion: or not in our book, anyway.

Actually, it’s quite nice: we love the colour, like the slim, unfussy shape… nope, no issues with THIS coat. Well, other than the lack of arms, obviously. This coat, you see, is totally armless (GEDDIT). It’s not particularly a sartorial issue, you understand, because as we say, its appearance is perfectly inoffensive. So we guess our main question with this one is whether or not you’d pay £89 for a piece of winter outerwear, which would require you to buy/wear other items in order for it to fulfil its purpose AS outerwear.

This isn’t a new concept, obviously. We submit into evidence the humble body-warmer, which is also sleeveless, and which is generally teamed with a chunky sweater or fleece in order to render it serviceable. Bodywarmers are causal, country-side attire, however. They can get away with it. This coat is more of a “city slicker” shape. It would look odd with a hoodie or super-chunky sweater underneath… we reckon your best bet would be a pair of long leather gloves, which could make for an interesting look, but even the longest ones tend to only reach just above the elbow, so you could be looking at a bit of a cold shoulder. God, we’re so punny today!

What do you think: totally ‘armless, or a bit strange, really?


  • November 26, 2014


    Simple fix? Call it a vest. A mule is not an oxford. Shorts are not trousers. A vest is not a coat.

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    • November 27, 2014


      Depends on the weight, though. It could be coat-weight or blazer-weight which can be worn indoors. If it is heavy as a coat, though, I agree with Amber that it would be an unusable piece of clothing, even though the colour is beautiful.

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  • November 30, 2014

    Sophie | Chic Hangers London

    This coat may create confusion as to whether it should be called coat or vest. But for sure, there are people who will find great use for it especially those who love layering. It’s armless style may even be a plus factor for those who want to stay warm without getting all covered up. 🙂

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