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When we started to put together this week’s Wanted Wednesday post, we had the best of intentions to use a variety of different sources. Unfortunately, though, we didn’t make it past the “new in” section at Coast: whoops. We’re hoping you won’t judge us too harshly, though, because look:

coast 'Lily-Anna' dress in navy

Lily-Anna dress, £180

A fairytale dress if ever we saw one.

Now, Coast is pretty ubiquitous when it comes to special occasions: so much so that we know of more than one bride-to-be who’s had to put “No Coast dresses” on the wedding invitations, for fear the guests would turn up wearing the same dresses as the bridesmaids. Even if you can safely take the bridal party out of the occasion, its usually a safe bet that at least one wedding guest will turn up in a Coast dress, which can sometimes make people a little wary of shopping there, lest they inadvertently end up committing a “same dress” crime. This is a shame, really: Coast is popular for occasionwear because they’re good at it, but if you’re worried about ending up with a dress twin at your next event, try something like this instead:

Coast Meslita fuill midi skirt

Meslita midi skirt, £125

Full skirts are, as we’ve noted, back in fashion for fall 2013, but they’re also classics which never date, which makes them a safe investment. This one is a dead ringer for some of the much more expensive Tibi midi skirts of last season, and it has a tulle under-layer for added drama. This is the kind of thing that works well for a special occasion, and which you can make look totally different by simply changing the top half, shoes and accessories (So you may end up wearing the same skirt as someone else, but you’ll still look different from them), and while it’ll never be exactly “casual”, we think it would look great with a sweater (a fluffy one, perhaps?) for day.

But back to the dresses, and specifically, to this dress:

mint lace dress‘Latia’ mint lace dress, £145

A brighter colour and a shorter, more modern shape made this dress stand out to us, but then again, we rarely meet a green dress we don’t like, so there is that.

Here are some more Wednesday Wants from Coast, for those times when being “overdressed” is the only way to be…


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