Dress of the Day: Coast silk rose corsage dress


We’d never wear this dress. Oh, it’s not that we don’t like it – it wouldn’t be Dress of the Day if that was the case. But we do find white dresses peculiarly hard to wear. The style of this dress, for instance, seems to be screaming out "summer wedding", but the colour is replying, "Not if you want the bride to still be speaking to you the next day."

Of course, there are lots of summer events that this dress could be worn to: it’s just that we don’t tend to ever get invited to any of them, so we wouldn’t know, sadly.

If you think you have the perfect excuse to wear it, though, you’ll find Coast’s silk rose corsage dress at ASOS, where it retails for £145.


  • July 22, 2008


    I have this dress!!! I wore it to a polo match with a “fascinator” (I have only recently discovered these, and they are fascinating indeed), a sheer black bolero and killer heels. Top tip: wear wedges not killer heels to polo, because they expect you out on the pitch at “half time” to repair the turf. Kevin Spacey and Rebecca Loos were at said polo event (although not together), as were Russian royalty, despite the fact I thought they ended with the Romanovs. OK magazine took some pictures, but sadly not of me. I now do not know where to wear this dress again, although a cocktail party might be ok??

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  • July 23, 2008


    This dress is absolutely beautiful! Light, flowing, delicate – just right for summer! A fun, classy piece perfect for dayime or evening events! I discovered a large assortment of Sky Dresses with this same style. A really great selection to check out! Definently worth taking a look!
    Sky Dresses

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  • July 24, 2008


    The problem is not wearing white dresses. The problem is buying a dress from Coast!! All of the dresses that they sell are beautiful, but there are Coast outlets everywhere and you are gauranteed to see someone wearing a dress that you have!

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