Handbags, Wanted!

Wanted! Cute clutch bags from Accessorize


Accessorize. It’s The Fashion Police’s guilty pleasure, mostly because it’s like a little Aladdin’s Cave of pretty, shiny things like handbags, jewelery and accessories, perfect to dip into on a rainy day, or just when you’re feeling like you need some "pretty" in your life. This week we’ve been drooling over the current selection of clutch bags. No, we don’t have anywhere to wear them to, but we’d still totally buy all of these anyway (but especially number 1). Bravo, Accessorize – you just made our Monday that little bit brighter.

1. Portofino Embellished clutch, £30;  2. High shine snake oversized clutch, £20; 3. Bohemia Yoke clutch, £28; 4. Metallic diamante clutch, £22; 5. Concertina clutch, £22

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