Sack the Stylist: Monrow vintage sweatpants with flat gladiator sandals


We have no issue with the sweatpants. They’re never the most attractive of items, of course, but hey, they’re not really supposed to be, because they’re designed for lounging in, or exercising in, after all.

With the flat gladiator sandals, though? No. Just… no. Please, Shopbop, spare us the sight of people walking around like this, for we think it may be even worse than the “Uggs and sweatpants” combo, which at least has the “virtue” of looking comfortable.

This, on the other hand? This would be a loungewear fail.


  • May 7, 2009


    This is much, much worse than Uggs + sweatpants IMO. At least those two pieces of clothing look like they belong together. This is just wrong.

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  • May 8, 2009

    Abby C

    That is an atrocity. This is why people can’t appreciate the gladiator sandal – pairing it with those harem-looking sweatpants? give me a f-ing break!

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