Clothes-That-Are-Stuck-Together Crimes: John Rocha’s two-in-one paisley dress


Of all the items of clothing we've been forced to throw in the Fashion Police jail from breaking or law on Clothes-That-Are-Stuck-Together (It's a simple law: it basically states that those items should unstick themselves right away, or face the  consequences), this John Rocha dress, which is part of the diffusion line for Debenhams, has to be one of the most puzzling.

The thing is, this is a sundress. For wearing in the sun. You know, when it's HOT? So why on earth would you want to attach a cardigan to it? Sure, stick a cardigan in your handbag in case the weather gets cooler, but to actually stick it to your dress just seems like a waste of a dress to us. Why can't John Rocha sell the dress and cardigan as separates? We may never know. If you don't actually care, though, and you think this is fine and dandy, you can buy it for £70 from Debenhams.

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