Clothes-That-Are-Stuck-Together: Forever21 Layered Pleated Woven Shirt


“Matching couldn’t be easier!” say Forever 21 of this garment. And yeah, we guess we can’t really argue with them there, because the shrug is attached to the shirt, so there’s really
no matching to be done. And thank God, too, because matching white shirts with black shirts was SO HARD until this came along to save us all, wasn’t it? In fact, we’re not sure we’d have thought of doing this: black cardigan over white shirt, you say? Oooh, tricky! Rather you than us, Forever 21, rather you than us!

Forever21 layered shirt, $22.80


  • December 4, 2009


    Passe. Lots of stuff like this at the mall circa-2006

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  • December 20, 2009


    oh god…im so sick of seeing clothing stuck together.
    I can’t believe i once owned stuck together clothing similar to this O: *shudder*

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