Clothes That Are Joined Together: they’re back


You're probably thinking this is just a sweater and skirt, aren't you? In fact, you're probably wondering just what the hell it's doing here, because while it's not exactly the most exciting outfit you've probably ever seen in your life, it's not exactly a crime of fashion either, is it?

Well, no, it's not. It is, however, not a sweater-and-skirt combo either, though. It is, in fact, a dress – and as such, it's a prime example of that most perplexing of fashion items: Clothes That Are Joined Together.

We've spoken about this phenomenon before, of course, but sadly, we're no closer to understanding it. It's not that the end result looks bad, you understand – it's just that we don't see the point. Why not just buy a skirt and sweater if you want to achieve this particular look? That way you get to use both pieces with lots of other outfits too, and you get to take your sweater off if it gets too warm without your skirt having to come with it.

No, Clothes That Are Stuck Together, we still don't understand you. If you do, though, readers, this particular example is £38 from Topshop, and is currently sold out online, so maybe it IS just us that struggles to see the appeal…

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