The “Little Orphan Annie Escapes Prison” look …

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The “Little Orphan Annie Escapes Prison” look

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Style on Trial: Paula Patton in purple at the premiere of Mission Impossible 2
not withstanding the print, it’s an ugly dress. It would be ugly, IMO, no matter if it was a print or not. It doesn’t seem to fit her very well either.

If you like adult onesies…
I think it IS a sweater and this is just “art”.

Worst Halloween Costume
Anyone who wears that really IS a boob.

First sign of the apocalypse (Or Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2012 runway)
Al I have to say is “Dear God, save us all from the shress. Please?”

With my body, I’d give people heart attacks if I went out wearing one of those. I don’t even think they would make them in my size (I hope).

Bootcut jeans are more popular than skinnies, says eBay
Bootcut, hands down. Why? So I can wear them with my cowboy boots, of course!

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