Clothes Shredder Strikes Again: Panel skirt by Mark Fast for Topshop

Panel skirt by Mark Fast for TopshopLooks like this skirt got caught on a several rusty nails and the whole thing has started to unravel.  What’s that you say Topshop?  Oh it’s supposed to look like that is it?  Then why are you charging £80 for it when it’s falling to pieces?  We were relieved to discover on closer inspection that you do get a white underskirt part for your money as well, not just the threads, but still, £80?  Come on Topshop, you know us better than that.  We’re arresting you for Daylight Robbery.

If you disagree and think that this skirt is value for money (and someone must, it’s already sold out in a size 8 despite being in the New In section), then you can buy it here.

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