Clothes for the Chronically Undecided

Happy new year, fashion fans!

We hope you enjoyed bidding farewell to 2014, and a ready to start fighting the fashion crimes which will face us this coming year. Before we do, though, we still have some past crimes to ponder, so today we continue our blast from the past, with a look back at one of the strangest trends to hit the world of high fashion in. We called this trend ‘The Worst of Both Worlds’, however we have to salute the ingenuity of the designers who went out of their ways to provide a style solution for those people who just can’t decide what they want to wear in the morning. Will it be trousers or a skirt? Dungarees or shorts? There’s no need to decide, people: with these groundbreaking items of clothing, you can commit more than one crime of fashion at a time!

gingham jumpsuit

One long sleeve, one bare shoulder. One full leg, one culotte. What’s not to love?


tuxedo dress

Now you can wear a tuxedo AND a dress to that black tie event!

ugly harem pants

This item is a hybrid of… actually we don’t even know what this is supposed to be a hybrid of. Harem pants and slightly longer harem pants? Baggy shorts and leggings? What?!

midi maxi skirt

Sometimes you want to wear a mini skirt, sometimes you want to wear a maxi skirt. Sometimes, of course, you want to wear both: and that’s where this comes in.

trench coat dress

It’s a trench coat … but it’s also a dress. It’s what the world has been waiting for! [Buy it here.]

mini maxi skirt

Apparently there was a bigger demand for the mini/maxi hybrid than we’d anticipated. Who knew?!

There was plenty more where those came from, but we think we’ve seen enough for now. Have you, though? Has this evidence convinced you that this is a crime of fashion which we should all join forces to fight, or do you think it’s the (lopsided) shape of things to come?

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