Closet Heroes: The Breton Top

closet hero is an item of clothing which, once purchased, quickly becomes indispensable to its owner. Here at TFP, we don’t believe that there are particular items which “every woman” should own: we’re all too different to need or want exactly the same clothes.

We do, however, believe that most people have their own closet heroes, and in this regular column, we’ll be sharing some of ours: and hopefully some of yours, too. Today it’s the turn of…

selection of breton top

The Breton Top: a closet hero?

Hello, I’m Amber, a.k.a the Chief of Police, and I’m addicted to Breton tops. Or ANY kind of striped top, really.

Of course, as with all of the items featured in this series, I realise it’s all a matter of personal taste. Where I see “closet hero”, you may well see “closet orphan” instead. And when I think “timeless classic”, you may well be thinking “boring, predictable, over-played”. I’m OK with that, though. “Edgy” has never been my style, and classic is much more my speed. Mostly, though, I just love stripes. And more than any other item, Breton tops are the one thing I find it absolutely impossible to pass by. No matter how many I own – and trust me, I own a LOT – there always seems to be room for one more, and so I snap them up when I find them, secure in the knowledge that they WILL be worn: and worn often.

My preferred style of Breton is the classic blue-and-white stripe, which works seamlessly with jeans or shorts for the perfect “nautical” summer look. These days, though, this style of top comes in all the colours of the rainbow, so you can easily update the look by going for a more unusual colourway: there’s definitely no shortage of options.

Here are some beautiful Breton tops, available to buy now:


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